failure lyrics – heath hollensbe

look what’s happened to me
it’s apparent the story has changed
in an instant my innocence has vanished
i’ve been expelled from paradise

there’s a fatal flaw in my nature
and now i’m a guilty man
i’m an enemy of the creator
for i have blatantly disobeyed him

i have irritated god. and i have defamed his glory
i’ve tried to dethrone the almighty king and take his place

i sin because i am corrupt
i’m lethargic because my heart is depraved
and it’s at the very core of who i am
not based on decisions i’ve made

i have cheated on the one who had loved me
i sold my soul at the very first chance that i had
now i carry god’s image no more

everything he made beautiful
now just causes me pain
but i have brought it all on myself
and there is n*body else to blame

this was all planned for god’s glory
he’s still controlling his story

look at what ‘s become of me
i’m a cespool of humanity
i’ll need a savior to resuscitate me

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