fake colors lyrics – innpeach

(pt lauren)
the knot´s still tight , so am i
but the bitterness is about to die
it comes in all forms , shapes and sizes
though not for me
my colors bright , it hurts the eye
on the second thought i can´t deny
the bitterness of every climax , of the better earth
yeah , what is it worth
fake colors , they tell you that you are not blue
they give in every time for you
someone is green while you´re in love , when your spirit´s burning
fake colors , they f*ck you up for weaks
with what you hide from , what you seek
they´re someone who loves you and me
it´s very warm , even for me
the summer in my greenhouse , really
i´ll never tear it down to pieces
i never will
another day , another mess
another try out to confess
the knot is in my head forever , i know i´m tight
it´s not allright
so sorry , but black and white is weak
oh yeah? watch me as i turn the other cheek
but if you don´t like me , then what´s there to believe
wake up man and close your eyes to see
that they fade out so d*mn easily
and nothing´s real

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