falco rides again lyrics – falco

these are the given lyrics for this song, but to my ears, most of the first verse sounds to me to be in german.

this is the story of a lonely man
who’s seen the world
from japan to afghanistan
hey! ho!

everybody thought that i was gone for good
but i’m back – understood
hey! ho!

i’ve been through the snow and the storm
felt the cold
no one to keep me warm
agony and pain

falco rides again – bang bang
i won’t break
i won’t bend
falco rides again
it’s me and my gang
i came back just like a boomerang
i’ll fight ’till the end
falco rides again
i’ve been up, i’ve been down
i’ve been pushed around
beated, mistreated,
gagged and bound
hey! ho!

not a soul in the world thought i would survive
took every muscle in my body to stay alive
hey! ho!
i’ll break down the walls
no more defeat
i want the taste of victory
revenge is sweet

… rides again!

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