fall whatever falls lyrics – darkseed

i wished your heart was grown
to shoot an arrow to me down
you made waste of all i have
the worst everfall i serve

i only think that you forgot me
i hope you see what you did to me
such a harm a wind will do at sea
i leave you now with better company

go, tenderness of years
no sighing sign she hears
fall whatever falls
sweet flowery welkin’ call
fall whatever falls
sweet flowery welkin’ call
see i keep the day,
cure overnights so grey

there are many keys, but wherefore should i go?
no sign of hearts, but you breathing now
i’ll leave to hang myself, pity on my loss
meadows never crossed,
winter now at hand!

“i am honey-mouthed, but i don’t talk
you smell my feelings as you walk”

you have the choice
to make me blessed or cursed
soft your bright voice
scorn running time and make it worse

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