falling into tragedy lyrics – words of farewell

her oppressed knowledge, all that remained of her
was a promise proving fate
as the gods broke up her sh*ll
aside the audience laughing at her

she must have been blessed with a gift
as her premonition became reality

“come see the true light of day” she screamed
but no one granted her this wish
(why did i not listen ?)
maybe she was already dead
to those who did not see the truth in her words
(how could i be so blind ?)

still her desperate cries resound
amidst these concrete towers
… that mark our demise

crestfallen she begged the gods
to reveal themselves to the crowd
all their souls still resting at ease
hiding in their yet unbroken sh*lls
but her gods never came

but her gods never came
yet took her unbearable curse away
a shame with which
she was bound to decay
so her last sigh choked
on the weight of her vision

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