falling stars lyrics – this divided world

the great deceiver leads the elect away
with false prophecy and false doctrine
and in the end he doesn’t care who dies
because in the end we all are crucified

like dominoes their statues fall to your lies
falling, crashing to the earth
welcome to your temporary inheritance

a giant hand sweeps the darkness across
and the sheep run but the shepherd is strong
much of this world caves, and is led away to a broad
filled with luke-warm waters, drink to your heart’s

oh deceiver, oh liar, oh falling star
your cunning lies are not enough for me

i will enter through the gates from where you fell
i will walk and live where you will never walk again

you are the father of lies, your heart’s the birthplace
of sin
you are the father of lies

he will regain all that you stole
where love is you cannot go

where i am destined you are turned away
for the gatekeeper will not know your face
as you have chosen to not know his
the gatekeeper will not know your face

you are not able to return
from where you fell
for you have chosen
the path of pride that leads to h*ll

lies are your eulogy

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