fat bellies hunger lyrics – fair sex

a vast amount of hatred
for humans unprotected
for victims unprotected
starts a war
toys – they are trapped in a game
which none of them survives
they are trapped.
they’re sucked up by creeps
who want to quench a sick urge
a morbid gred which is known as
fat bellies’ hunger
fat bellies’ greed
a child. a life. they take it
evil incarnated

wants all to be humiliated
to be nude and bare
and those victims are trapped in
a cage where they find themselves
tortured to death
they are trapped
soon we all shall be their victims
if there is not a hand that chokes
tyrant – throats to stop their
fat bellies’ hunger
fat bellies’ greed
tortured need to be brought
down to their knees
they must be forced to their knees
kill their fat bellies’ hunger

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