father legatus – of symbols, nature and birth lyrics – dark millenium

is that what i seem to see a conceit,
an insight in occurrences to ascertain the sun
father knowledge, lead my way…
the beauty of the const*tution
begets a craving for the search
the doctrine is bewitched
by the whispering of… god?

“follow your spirit to infinity.”

release my lungs from breath
banish the holy vow i made
robbed vitality
vaporous nature, scowling eyes…

mortem peragrare
on and on, into voodoo-cult.

living through the new born pain
of time and history
dimensions burn their hateful signs
on my defenceless skin.
the voice i obeyed unsuspecting
belongs to death himself
woeful cries, shrouded in secrecy.

i will feel the frost again,
there’s no end but endless pain;
darkness, show me your disguise
omnipresent sin.

father, honour’s lost its worth
being is a lie;
segment of unconscious fear
father… widespread black you’ll find

as you pulse, again and again
in the different h*lls
in the myriads
of your mind

bury my soul in the ash of the candles you light.

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