fatty lyrics – immer

why just me? why am i always alone?
whats wrong about to look like a pig?
i love food whats wrong with it, i have money for it,
i’ll take two sows

i am said to be stingy and what is about, i´m not the
only one
money are mine, only and only mine, so what is your
i won´t share with anyone, i don´t know why would i
change it!

keep eating and deceiving, keep complaining and scream
to dark!
rake forever under yourself, break all the world by
your *ss!
your fate face and money power, its your only and right
you want anything for you, you won´t bend aside, you
won´t give anything to anyone.

i feel sorry for you, you pr*ck, take a pen and write
i stayed alone. it belongs to me, i was fatty. cross
was with me.
take a gun to your mouth then, shoot your brain out, it
will be fair!!
sign on your grave will tell all, „pig is lying here
and that’s all!

corpse is lying on ground and fat and blood is running
out of it
you stayed alone
rats and flies have a feast, its the first time you
gave something!!
you stayed alone!!

the someone was here, he was always alone
he never found the way to us
now he´s heading with hole in head, i´m sorry to say he
was a sow

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