feasting on skulls lyrics – deceased

dismal source of energy scarce the food for life
empty is an empty world contaminated sights
collecting corpses all around building up their stock
a morbid menu for mankind distastes distorts to shock
just how long will it last how much can they take
eating carc*ss as a meal in a frenzied state

corpses gather many round piles of bones and flesh
take the protein from the skulls of all those laid to rest

feasting, on skulls! feasting!

starvation tearing at their guts eat the gore or die
the awful taste stomachs turn “it’s wrong” a mutant cries
but is it worth it is it right
feasting on the skulls cadavers feel the pairs of death
now eat until you’re full…

skulls our food
we live on

feasting on skulls! feasting!

feasting on skulls

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