felching vampires lyrics – broken hope

serrated p*n*s cuts through the *n*s,
sandpaper tongue tickles intestines,
cravings for blood, fetish for feces,
canines inserted, gurgling s*m*n
suckling sweat, s*m*n and blood
cold, clammy hands probe virgin c*nt,
felching rectal s*m*n,
feasting on the purity,
v*g*n*l blood bubbles within thee,
virginity gone, no longer pure,
purulent c*nt soiled forever,
razor sharp nails carve down your back,
blood and s*m*n stream from swollen crack,
to get the right mixture, a must is patience,
a joyful needling *n*l lacerations,
hindquarters look to be gnawed by rats,
drained of all fluids, just an empty sack,
relish milky waste,
scratch kick and bite to no avail,
try to squirm out of my grasp,
i like to sit back and watch you bleed,
in your b*ttocks is where i’ll thrust my p*n*s,
lying on the ground as pale as a ghost,
like a parasite i suck blood from a host,
feasting is over, time to lay back and rest,
stomach settling, starting to digest,
licking my lips, the meal is over,
grinning as i wonder who’ll be next to bend over.

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