film noir lyrics – carly simon

(j. webb/c.simon)

got on in new haven
last car on the train.
put my hat on the seat,
wipe the tears from my eyes.

i watched my life go by,
like a movie in my brain.
scenes unreeling;
in a sceneless chain
on the window,
and a silver screen of rain!

and the opening t*tle scroll,
and the score comes in and under.
and i’m in the starring role,
in a world of love-struck wonder;

it’s a tale full of promise, about two crazy kids;
falling in love, but in flashback.

and then the music,
that gorgeous music;
and i wake up,
rattling down the railroad track.

he could be sweet,
but i stayed on my guard.
just how good a liar
can a decent man be?

i always played my hand
like i didn’t have the cards.
cause he held them all
so i could never see.
yes, he played me for a fool,
and i agreed.

and the closing credits roll,
and the waves come in like thunder.
cause the hero’s lost control,
and i made a fatal blunder.

just another sad story;
two star-crossed kids,
racing headlong up a cul-de-sac.

and then that music,
that mournful music.
and the train’s disappearing
down that railroad track.

and the long, slow dissolve,
as we fade to black.

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