fire & ice lyrics – eloy

the values you believe in
the dreams you’re living for
once more are shattered by thunder
distorted pictures appear
steered by an evil force
that’s slowly dragging you under
a living nightmare wakes
you in the night
you feel the ground crumbling
under your feet
you feel a cold sweat
running down your spine
it leaves you searching
for a secret retreat
each time you climb a mountain
you see the world below
it’s chaos tears you asunder
you try to keep your balance
you try to stay in tune
vibrating senses shaking you inside
a timeless moment spent
recalling your dream
now your vision is clear
all your doubts dissappear
and you’re asking yourself
is this heaven or h*ll
like a storm in the night
all emotions alight
and you try to disguise
you feel the fire and ice
reaching out for your aim
yet a p*wn in a game
while you try to rebel
against heaven and h*ll
(all?)(in) the moments of strife
on the tight rope of life
and your spirit still cries
torn between fire and ice
in a labyrinth of nightmares
you run an endless race
down a tunnel with no end
while you’re running in the darkness
you discover a light
shining so bright
shining bright up ahead

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