first time i seen her lyrics – mac dre

(mac dre)
i was with my n*gg* sporty, we was comin’ outta yam yams
seen a bad b*tch in a six and was like god d*mn
love me long time, yellow skin chopsticks
a notch b*tch who looked like she can chop d*ck
i said stop quick, lil’ mama pull over
oh man if i knock this b*tch, oh boy it’s over
she said, i’m sorry i ain’t tryin’ to be rude
but i’m a lesbian and i don’t f**k with no dudes
i ain’t mad at ya i’m tryin’ to join the party
fo’ real i’m a dyk* trapped in a man’s body
she bit quick, hook, line and sinker
and i was all in her mentals the first time i seen her

let me get off in your mind, intertwine with yo’ thoughts
i rearrange thangs, strange lessons i was taught
i mean, i shufflin’, hustlin’, doing my thang thizzle

i ran up on a bizzle, bossed up and checked the dizzle
she was a mazda ho, responsible
with tactics, like them hat tricks
makin n*gg*s do back flips
and so being the n*gg* that i be, fo sheez
i had to peak and see, oh boy what she can do for me
i reckon i bring chit-chat
and get me more than a thin crack in a nut sh*ll
no tuck tail ya know that
i flow this sh*t like niagra, mouthpiece like a ???
choppin’ this pimpin’ like it’s karate

the first time i seen her
i was just hollerin at her all the things that i could think of
she’s so fine, she a dime
she my kind, gotta make that mine
cuddies holla at the beezies first

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