floods of colour lyrics – safety fire

to feel, not know what was once lived
now mimed, they’ve taken my gestures
not awake ’til i’m full
to feel, not know, wait for your senses
now mimed they’ve taken my gestures
looking for what wasn’t said

it feeds our fantasies, we strive to make fact
an illusion most sacred a lullaby
you submit to the process or die

we are the logic and laws that we feed on
suck up the spectacle
it means the only end,
veiled power that rules your eyes
broken shards, reality
we are the logic and the laws that we feed on
these broken shards, reality

feed me in floods of colour, the unnamed master

strapped down “give ’em the works.
confess the joke of it all”, they say
canned laughter pours from my mouth
m*ss destruction, our triumph of logic

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