floorspace lyrics – falling sickness

crusty eyes and greasy grins
inhaling smoke from the valve gasket again
coffee 4am, drunk again by noon
sh*t stained couch through the midwest
blasting 80’s tunes
ups and downs, vague smiles and frowns
in a van they last forever
complications take control
when you’re not so clever
what matters now is floorsp*ce
inside jokes and sleeveless t-shirt tans
cardgames i’ll never understand
14 cents, cue ball in hand
laughing at all the latebreak bands
drugs are boring, the world’s exploding
sometimes nothing’s ever changing
i swore i’d never grow up
sick and slowly aging
what matters now is floorsp*ce
one more city, another name
i can’t quite put the face to
four digits to a club, we’re 2 hours late to
one quick set with no soundcheck
but no here’s nostalgic yet
i thought i had this life figured out
i’m dumber than the dumbest f*ck
so full of complex feelings
and so sh*t out of luck
what matters now is floorsp*ce

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