flying saucers in the sky lyrics – mist

what would you say
if i told you we’re not alone

an object floating in the sky is not so strange to us
that science fiction movie seems so real to me now
oh, listen to what i say

the world security is frightened
the world leaders don’t know what to do
people are confused and scared
look at the sky
they are there…

there’s no contact – they keep silent
we’re all waiting for the beginning of a new era
who knows? who has the answer?
they are there…

the president prepares his speech
the mayour wants to given’em the city key
the army wants to shoot’em down soon
we hope it’s a spielberg joke
or capitain kirk comes to save us

i heard a priest on the radio
saiyng that christ will return
(give your donative in cash!!!)
and the paper says that a fool jumped down
from the twenty sixty floor

they are there – they are there
they are still there

flying saucers in the sky

early morning – another day broken, and the sky is
they’re gone and there’s nothing left to scare us
the makind can breath now

christ – what have they done while we were sleeping
who knows? who has the answer?
the president rip his speech
and that priest bought a new limousine

months gone by – and today radar picked up something
comming form the sky

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