flying seeds lyrics – kalter

looking at the mist of the moonset.
feeling deep connection within me.
the water on the leaves reflects the sun
into this complex reality.

this natural art reveals
the colors from an utopian creation.
the brilliant blue of the sky
connects me to this lucid dream.

an amazing forest is shining
to the flight of hummingbirds.
winds are taking me back.
the venom gives me hope.
the poison of life !

discovering the strength of the elements.
the natural symphony synchronizes with me.
invisible and limitless,
the wind propels my mind in the sky.

questions about the sense of it all.
desire to get to the edge.
what is reality?

crying, from joy to sadness.
all my senses are reflecting
into the mirror of life.

bliss created into nature.
no more ignorance, free you are.
the adventure to the unknown
to find the inner peace.
another flying seed flew away…

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