folsom prison (johnny cash) lyrics – dead moon

i hear the train a comin’
it’s rollin ’round the bend
and i ain’t seen the sunshine since
i don’t know when
i’m stuck in folsom prison
and time keeps draggin’ on
but that train keeps a movin’ on
down to san antone

when i was just a baby
my mama said “hey son,
always be a good boy,
don’t ever play with guns”

but i shot a man in reno
just to watch him die
when i hear that whistle blowin’
i hang my head and cry

well, if they freed me fom this prison
if that railroad train was mine
i bet i’d move it all
a little farther down the line
far from folsom prison
that’s where i want to stay
and i’d let that lonsome whistle
blow my blues away

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