fool’s errand lyrics – east of the wall

as it all falls down, and everything burns, the meek have their day.
it seems you’ve found your way down.
slip into this void. this longing brought suffering.
we speak in bitter tongues.
a stone is the crux of a wall. its burden lies in weight.
lowly, we bask in omens, and dream of what reality was.
beholden to a paradise broken, dream of what reality was.
slowly, we bend so slowly.
as we descend the walls that seem so sloped call forth my way.
we bend so slowly. i won’t stay or carve my name.
you were tied to the weight of this failure.
we sink in through reverie.
in quiet moments i prayed for this day.
in weaker moments i rued this day.
in desperation i gave way.
what would i do to be rid of this?
head down, back to wind, what would i do?
forget this weight.
this day was yours to take, heads down,
backs to the wind, beating back the deluge endlessly.
we need something to hold as the light fades away

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