for a minute there lyrics – garth brooks

we were walking ‘long the ocean
together hand in hand
when i stopped to write “i love you” in the sand
and when i looked up you were standing
ten miles out at sea
and in a sweat
i woke up from that crazy dream
as i reached to hold you in the morning light
it was your pillow
i clung to so tight

for a minute there
i thought it was you
for a minute there
my prayers had finally come true
for a minute there
i began again to live
what i wouldn’t give
for just a minute there

five o’clock on friday
sitting at a light
when this angel walked right by me
on my right
and the cars all started honking
as my feet hit the ground
and though i chased and called
you never turned around
oh the walk, the hair, the perfume
were the same
how i wished she would’ve answered
to your name

[repeat chorus]

tonight the stars in heaven
are bright as they could be
and i swear on of them
is winking down at me

[repeat chorus]

what i wouldn’t give
how i’d love to live
for just a minute there

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