for all that is concealed shall soon be revealed lyrics – plasmarifle

the reflection that i see,
has become loathsome to me. intriguing bunch this breed,
for it’s native tongue is deceit.

corrupted through and through
one thing that can be said, true.
even while expressing lament,
lies spew forth, forked tongued serpents.

for i have learned one thing that is accurate
the heart can sink to new depths un-reached.

and the slope gets even more slippery day by day…

so the reflection that i see,
keeps on slipping so easily;
places i never wanted to be,
doing things i thought weren’t me.

“just quit lying!”

no good thing…
the human soul is corruption,
unto itself it breathes destruction
will ever…

no good thing could ever come from the species so twisted,
for time has shown it’d been better if we’d not existed.
yet within the human soul so dark,
exists hope (embodied as love) to ignite the spark!

so i’ll remain hopeful for…
“the reflection that i see”,
and forgive the traits, i’ve learned to hate…
“creature loathsome to me”.
i’ll fight the urge to tread down the roads to…
“places i never wanted to be”
and choose to stop…
“doing the things i thought weren’t me”

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