for everybody lyrics – juvenile

(feat. skip, wacko)

yeah, u t p n*gg*, come on! k l c n*gg*, come on! holla!

[verse 1: wacko]
i done tightened up on my g dog
wacko outcher flippin’ these hoes like see saws
ya man trippin’? girl, look we can creep on
ya friends stressin’ too, i’ll flip all 3 of yall
respect my st**z, i ain’t really bout fallin in love
i travel too much and baby sling too many drugs
stay in the wrong place at the wrong time
with 2 bricks,(two of ’em) and a chrome 9
to these n*gg*s i’m easy to be provokin’
look, i got 1 in the chamber and i been smokin’
don’t make me proceed
i’ll hit you from ya neck to ya knees
have ya gaggin’ where ya barely could breathe
but i ain’t in here for this
whoadie, i’m in here to get me a b*tch
bring her back to the telly to issue some d*ck
hook up with juve and skip, go get me a brick
and get ready for next sunday, to sn*tch a new b*tch

[chorus: repeat 3x]
[juvenile] you can have an ole’ lady
[skip] but them hoes
[wacko] they for everybody

[juvenile] let her go dog, that ain’t ya hoe dog
[skip] let me get broke off
[wacko] in this jump off!

[verse 2: skip]
i done tightened up on my g dog
i was ducked out at first but now i beat broads
c*ck back, bam! bash in her teeth, aww
guarantee you this, that b*tch gone see stars!
respect my gangsta
i see you looking mad and i ain’t ‘cha
i know +50 cent+ and b*tch i ain’t no +wanksta+
and i don’t get down like that
in the right time, at the right spot
if you try to buck, you gone get shot
hey fella, calm down. i know what ya thinkin’
but i got 1 in this chamber and i been drinkin’
don’t make me proceed
spit in ya face, b*st*rd ya seed
widow ya wife, you don’t need my sh*t in ya life!
especially how i’m feeling tonight
if it was good, it’d be different
but it’s not, so it’s not, so let’s end it!
and bring this sh*t back to business
you can have yo b*tch dog
i live by the rules i’m givin’


[verse 3: juvenile]
come on, come on, come on
grab yo b*tch my the arm cuz if she stop she hit
oh, i know how to get ’em, i hit her with lotsa d*ck
the simple things i’m knowing that she probably miss
and in return, she going out and buy me sh*t!
i hope my adversaries is listening:
motherf*cka with tryna be eased from these d-vils
cuz we evil in this!
i’m not about to waste my cream on a b*tch
i be outcher tryna get money, while she scheming for d*ck
i ain’t gone lie, if my ole lady leave a n*gg*, i’m sick
but f*ck it, we ain’t married, so she ain’t got nothing to get
i had to go in fronta the jury january the 6th
i promise, ya honor, i ain’t been doin’ the sh*t!
they just like to keep n*gg*s like me in a mix
and use it on tv and radio as a skit
wanna see some masks, move to the bricks
but before you make that move grab the tool and the clips
ya heard me?


[juvenile] let her go dog, that ain’t ya hoe dog
[skip] let me get broke off
[wacko] in this jump off

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