for the normal people lyrics – boomtown rats

she keeps her lover on ice,
she keeps a fire in the grate,
he’s got a movement in his cellar,
he’s a danger to the state.
watch out for the normal people
there’s more of us than there’s of you.
well you’re a really lucky b*gg*r,
that you haven’t been discovered
ain’t that true.

she has a genuine fridge, (ooh ooh ooh)
he has a night on the town (ooh ooh ooh)
their receptions too good (ooh ooh ooh)
they’ve got 2 up and 2 down
watch out etc.

normal can and normal will, (uncle jack)
when normal jack meets normal jill (auntie jill)
a normal wedding on a normal pill (take their pills)
they bought a normal house on your
average, scenic, normal hill,
they live there still…

he’s got a family connection,
she’s got an uncle in steel,
he gets depressed in the evening
she thinks she knows how he feels.

*written by bob geldof
*taken from the alb*m ent*tled “a tonic for the troops”

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