force fed shredded genitalia lyrics – visceral disgorge

face beaten to pulp, you stupid f*ck.
blood gushes, a catered c*ck feast awaits.
i got a sick fixation for genital mutilation.
my intentions are s*d*stic, to disfigure and torture.
i get my rocks off by cutting c*cks off.
pushing pins and needles into your shaft.
forcing razors inside your p*ss hole.
splitting urethra, back and forth slicing your c*ck in
two down to the b*lls ripping apart your sack.
i laugh as you beg for death.
viciously slicing your scr*t*m.
humiliation through castration, perverse penectomy.
mutilation of your manhood.
grinding up shredded genital remains.
mincing your man meat for you to eat, a sweet testicular
force fed flesh, stuffed down your throat, on shredded
d*ck you will choke.

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