forever part of me (with justin guarini) lyrics – kelly clarkson

i’ve been wonderin’ if it’s time
to say what’s on my mind
’cause i’m in the dark
so what’s in your heart?
i’m tryin’ to find

i don’t even know your name
but the thought of you remains
suddenly my pulse is jumpin’
do you feel the same?
i talk it over with my friends
and i guess it all depends
how you really feel
what can you comprehend?

you could be just ’round the corner now
hoping this love is yet to be found

[chorus (both:)]
it’s not too late to call my name
so don’t you look the other way
open your eyes and you’ll see
my heart won’t wait, don’t hesitate
we got a chance we gotta take
feels like you could be forever part of me

it’s gettin’ right under my skin
(right under my skin)
i don’t know where to begin

would i look the fool?

should i play it cool?

or jump right in?

how am i supposed to know
whether i should come or go?
(come or go)

i think it’s time we let our feelings show

we might let that moment just p*ss us by
then it’s gone in the blink of an eye

[repeat chorus]

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