forge lyrics – rwake

i can’t believe you’re still dragging that sh*t around
with ya,
just figured you’d be a lil’ more philosophical about it
and cut it the f*ck loose,
and when a man sticks a gun in your face you got two
you can die,
or you can kill the mother f*cker.
our life a forgotten thought i feel like i’m never
gaining ground
your birth from the loop and you’ll die in the black loop
an answer i will never find i feel like i’m never gaining
power of dust given life forms of drugs create the flight
consumed planets run through shape metal
a force that feeds forge into the laws of sp*ce and the
origin of the universe
unleashing the end of life super science and sorcery
orbit into the future by going light years downwards.

my first instinct was to beat the h*ll out of ya, you
know that dontcha?

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