forgetfulness lyrics – darkseed

and i seek sweet favours carved in gold
and i bare the light my breath to hold
early seen unknown, but know too late
how came this gentle concord?
can you tell me was it fate?

i cross the entrance, push the door
to crawing sadness hurting more
i see i hear the trembling sphere
come and p*ss, alas, stay here!

and i breathed such vows love used to swear
it’s too rich for earth too dear
now sadness is beloved and love we gain
i see me i see you and all i know is
hurt is lying plain

i pity silence sad
i enjoyed the vital light
oh, that she knew, knew i did
god alone in grievance lies
i thank you for your cries
i leave you now.i leave you now

when i feel my insane blue
i dive into the sea of you
and hope to drown by falling down
weapons out to pierce my grief
i hide my blade alike in peace
drop the curtain, i will leave

i don’t care, i don’t go
i don’t leave you when you will
i don’t care, i don’t go
when you cease my love to kill

burning ice and wondrous flaming snow
and i see more devils h*ll can hold
i will leave the break of day
no more p*ssion, no more l*st
and only fume of sigh will stay

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