forgiven lyrics – four & twenty elders

i am deep within myself
my motives all unclear
guilt & sorrow have my heart
and you’re not here
painful are the memories
that filter through my mind
knowing i would pay a price
i was not blind
open up your eyes i’m here
for you, now just believe
how can i be sure?
can i let myself be free?
unconditional love means
just what it says, you see
after what i did to you
how can you still love me?
was it really you
and did you mean it?
is it really true
am i forgiven?
sitting in my cell i wait
the verdict to come in
judge & jury have no mercy
for my sin
sleeping through my days & nights
a cloudy sunless haze
let me go, leave me alone
this is my way.
music & lyrics: trowbridge

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