fornicating the nazarene lyrics – centurian

clad in wounds, your c*nting christ
his bleeding gash for all to see
tender jesu, share his body
kiss the cross and endure his love

pimping priests to sell his goods
farting forth sweet words of praise
you will pay for all you have sinned
against the ways of the nazarene

the stinking sight
as they pray to their god
with heart and hole

*sses towards heaven
begging to be blessed
begging to get screwed


come to church and swallow his sh*t
ritually abused
part of the b*tch put into your mouth
now suffer your children unto the lord

gathered in the house of the wh*r*
feel his manly love inside
await the coming of your lord
again and again and again

a foul stench
unleashed under prayer
by jesus and his pals

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