found lyrics – josh gracin

[verse 1]
like a beat up boat that never made it to the sh*r*
like an old love letter hidden the bottom drawer
like a shiney penny heads up on the ground
i’ve been found

like a message in a bottle in the sand
like the ace of hearts that shows up in your hadn
like an old lost love the second time around

i’ve been found, hungry like a desert
waitin’ on a drop of rain
found, lost for so long
no, i never thought that i’d be saved

somehow, i finally discovered
that this where i wanna say
baby now, i’ve been found

[verse 2]
when i’m here with you underneath the sheets
it’s a perfect world, so whole and so complete
you’re the simple truth that makes me who i am
a better man

[chorus 2x]

i’ve been found
i’ve been found
i’ve been found

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