fraulein lyrics – devo

well, my fraulein done told me
when i was in goose steps
she said i would gas them
and now i’m a big man

filling up autos
that beep at me often
i drop what i’m doing
and wait on them cheerfully

some choose the big pump
and other’s the small
it’s a small, small world
and i hear ’em autos call

well, i’m a big time pumper
and i pump ’em full of my gas
and if you give me static
i’ll tell ya blow it up your *ss

my station is pretty
i keep it in top shape
the customers dig me
’cause i got the answers to all of their auto needs

i fix ’em up often
and relieve their tension
’cause no one wants an auto
that threatens to lose it

the auto’s come crawlin’ into my station
they beep at me always
i stop what i’m doing
and greet them with smiles, i call, “fill ‘er up?”

i wipe all the dead bugs
and dirt off their windshield
and connect my big hose
up to their gas tank

the gas hums as it enters
and fulls up their empty tank
i do two at a time now
i’ve developed a technique

my timing is very good
if not always precise
i give them a fair deal
they drive off satisfied

we need each other’s business
without which we could not survive
we like to trade money
because ‘t means honor

not like those people
who are sick and can’t touch it
because they’re unhealthy
they leave me cold

i help who i can help
and feel nothing for those who
don’t come to my station
for i’ll only tow those who show me their honor

i can’t help everybody
and i’m not my brother’s keeper
we huddle together
and those who come to me

we huddle together
and despite the weather
we find strength in our circle
i’m very important to the big and the little guy

we all need each other to keep ourselves going
their auto’s all need me
my pump’s need their empty tanks and
if the good lord is willing we shall be here to the end
pumping each other

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