free choice lyrics – cueball

i’ve laid awake in bed so many nights,
wondering who would tell me, what’s wrong or right
-well, it’ surely ain’t you!

i see the disappointment in my mom’s eyes,
they’re sad and empty, but she keeps telling herself lies
‘bout her perfect life, perfectly organised,
but a 40-hour-work week is not my meaning of life.

this is not free choice- this is f*ck!
i have the right to reproduce your opinions!
i have the right to choose the brand of my clothes
i have the right to look uniformly like you smugs!

m*ss media tell me what to do
and to think , but yours it not my truth!
see, the governments use police brutality
to make us understand the system of conformity!

still i’ve got no idea, what to do
with my life, but i’d rather be seen
as a useless, lazy looser than being a
remote-controlled living dead like you!

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