freedom for all lyrics – custard

i was born on wasted ground
and i’m d*mned to be alone
i have seen such awful
always on my own

i long for silence
i’m facing the wind

used to fight the god of storm
couldn’t break his heart of stone
i looked for the promised land
always on my own

i need silence
i’m facing the wind

and the storm rages on and on
tonight i will descent for the last time to see
it’s a war that can’t be won
all my blood will be spilled on just one day
we’ll find salvation and freedom for all.

sailed across the seven seas
i have seen the trees of hope
all my memories fade away
i am all alone

still need silcence
i’m facing the wind

now my book of life is closed
i have reached the end
don’t forget my don’t lay
your fate in other hands

i found silence
and you face the wind

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