freewill lyrics – devastation

frozen in time vicious crime
taken away the misery inside of me
dark shadows of destiny
run rampant like river of wounds through my mind
solitude my relief
my belief in this life of seclusion
signs of life bitter strife
reality slowly fades to illusion

why must i die
trying to satisfy
freewill my life is mine to live
freewil i’ve nothing left to give

hidden thoughts inside of me
wounds that will not heal
take the power from me
as i see just what is real
living by my standards
i decide just what is right
you won’t take me down
for my belief till death i’ll fight

i’m victim of my fears
wash the blood away with tears
through the pain and anguish
i’ve battled through the years
i look into the mirror
of death each is growing day
in your eyes an outcast
why don’t you listen to what i say

why must i die
trying to satisfy
freewill life is mine to live
freewill i’ve got nothing left to give

repeat first verse

repeat chorus

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