fresh flesh lyrics – fear

fresh flesh, slingin’ down your street.
fresh flesh, won’t you eat my meat?
fresh flesh, oozin’ through the slime,
fresh flesh, and the city’s mine!

fresh flesh! [x2]

under the subway ditch,
shoot down some old b*tch!
with nothin’ else to do,
i just might you.
if you get in my way,
i cut your leg off, pay!
drop you off downtown,
watch you crawl around!

fresh flesh!
fresh flesh!

i wanna f*ck you to death,
i don’t wanna smell your breath.
p*ss on your warm embrace!
i just wanna c*m in your face!
i don’t care if you’re dead,
and i don’t care if you’re erect!
i don’t care if you’re all cut up –
blood on your dress!

fresh flesh!
fresh flesh!

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