fresh lyrics – jermaine dupri

(feat. slick rick)

(slick rick)
yeah, you know what i’m sayin’
y’all n*gg*s been poppin’ an awful lot of sh*t for a while now
talking all that sh*t
like y’all motherf*ckers got so much motherf*ckin’ personality and sh*t (yeah)
all of y’all poppin’ all that fly sh*t, tryin’ to dis n*gg*s and all that
bullsh*t, know what i’m sayin? (yeah)
but you know deep down i your motherf*ckin’ hearts, y’all n*gg*s is booombs
compared to this n*gg* named slick rick
you know that sh*t, you been knew that sh*t (yeah)
y’all motherf*ckers been knew that motherf*cker might come back and kick ya’ll
motherf*ckin’ *ss (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)

yo! turn it up! 2x
y’all gotta turn it up
do like i do ha ha

(slick rick)
ladies and gents, let the teacher start
i am the greatest rapper, walk, talk, eat, sh*t, fart
you motherf*ckers can’t see me
even with a patch on my eye, i’m dreamy
all in the grill of the gruesome
1, 2, 3, 7 diamonds on the twosome
schedule, i aim to be in atlanta with the legendary jermaine dupri

uh huh, i’m more delicious than sh*t outta cook books
see i’ll even make salvation army clothes look good (you know)
that divine, so fine, don’t even wear the same underwear 2 times

jd, not the one to f*ck around with
heard ya got the whole entire state locked down, kid

that’s right so don’t ask us who the best
from the north to the south to the east to the west

fresh, dressed like a million bucks
still worn the bally shoes and the fly green socks
we’re fresh, dressed like a million bucks
still worn the bally sodadadadada socks

come on, kids, jermaine dupri a wiz
walkin’ down the street, you kow mindin’ my own biz
my man girlfriend started actin’ like she hoein’
“hey jd, where your fine *ss going?”
to the studio, i told her frontin’
unless you wanna take it in the cooler or sumpin’

(sr) for real and that sh*t ain’t a fact?

she said that she would meet me at my house around 10
not to mention, a nice tender body
10 o’clock, here came the red beau hotty
my man girl told totally deceptive
still i try to f*ck the full out the b*tch r*ct*m
see, the woman so shady
talkin’ bout actin’ like she upped and offed jd
now she wanna kiss and caress cause i left a couple of bite marks on the hun’s
br**sts i’m…

(chorus 2x)

when the doubt falls, my door they knock up on
designers even ask me what they need to stock up on
why the f*ck did ya like to done pest us
when the tag team ya hearin’ is untouchable, peasant?
slick, jermaine dupri back as the fat trackers
we’ll diarrhea up on your black *ss
babies jump out the carriage
could even fix the hillary and clinton marriage
charisma now felt
to the point where even i could make even lesbians melt
models bookin’ at me
could even make her grandmother catch an *rg*sm lookin’ at me (you know)
it’s kinda outlandish, rastas even say
“what kind fine young man dis”
so don’t put me to the test
from the north, from the south to the east to the west

(chrous til end)

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