from abyss lyrics – domination black

here waits the silent grave
down in a cold h*ll
in shadows of cursed silence
revengeance is waiting black

you betrayed me with your lies
now i`m trapped in this dark place
consumed with hatred and endless cries
my deadly screams from the abyss of cold

i… will return!
the time is near

here waits the soul betrayed
alone in torment
in shadows of the frozen world
scream breaks through the silence

you destroyed me with your lies
now i`m rising from the ashes of hate
time has come for you to pay the price
and see my rebirth from the abyss of cold
…the time is here, my friend!

[1st solo: heiskanen]
[2nd solo: wiren]

from the shadows of cursed silence
i hear your screams forever

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