from forest to firmament lyrics – midnight odyssey

into the forest i hear a shivering voice
she’s calling me to mourn the end of life
but which life ends, another’s or mine
in the end we all succ*mb to time
and then i see her standing
with her finger pointed at me
she tells me when i fall asleep tonight
that i will take my last breath of life
under the crimson fullmoon,
my time will cease

i’ll leave the forest for the astral sky.
her words are sealed by a cold kiss
then she wanders out of sight.
i try to stay awake all night
the moon is low, my eyes are heavy
i soon succ*mb to total exhaustion
though fearful thoughts dominate me
i feel the end is nigh
i can’t pretend that this is a dream
all i can do is look to the sky

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