from grand and darkest conversion lyrics – thornafire

crowned in dense darkness
with curses, strength and grand mystical knowledges
praised in the altar of dead, born to the shadows
with dark aura, as a new ent*ty
that engulf my whole being
that engulf my whole being.

when the night has come
and the dark haze cover this world
i’ll fly over the land covering them
with my influence and pathetic intentions
cloack of shadows if formed
leading my legions
towards destruction of
world’s decaying dogmas
world’s decaying dogmas

shadow’s embrace
has mourned the spirit
of every human being achieving them
grand and darkest conversion of this souls
to the eternal shadows of the abyss

when the night be gone
and the dark forces of dusk
have conquered the earth
will end the splendour of your elder god

all legions will claim
victory outreached
establishing forever the
grand and darkest conversion

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