from red to blue lyrics – billy bragg

another day dawns gray
it’s enough to make me spit
but we go on our way
just putting up with it

and when i try to make my
feelings known to you
you sound like you have changed
from red to blue

you’re a father now
you see things in different ways
for every parent will
gain perspective on their wilder days

but that alone does not explain
the change i see in you
the way you’ve drifted off
from red to blue

sometimes, i think to myself
should i vote red for my cl*ss
or green for our children?

but whatever choice i make
i will not forsake

so, you bought it all
the best your money could buy
and i watched you sell your soul
for their bright shining lie

where are the principles
of the friend i thought i knew?
i guess you let them fade
from red to blue

i hate the compromises
that life forces us to make
we must all bend a little
if we are not to break

but the ideas you opted out of
i still hold them to be true
i guess they weren’t so firmly
held by you

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