full worm garden lyrics – kmfdm

a token left with judgement a memento left ajar
a secret never wanted death defying little charms
how to defend pretend selective p*ss-away so long neglected
pretty-frozen underground from above the odor leering

p*ss the meat from which i stink of
all those leathered whether-wise

a blood stain all the wiser desperation kicks the stool
a little bruise to lose demure a staple cut and dry
in the stink of dissection decimation is the rule
in determining direction acting agent act the fool

p*ss the meat from which i stink of
putrid helping kept inside

tincture warning second cousin to the new invention
addictive so charming second only to a force infusion
tincture of lead be said with no remorse full of confusion
wish to enjoy this weightlessness lay me out full worm garden

a pr*ck upon the finger looking back like looking through
to develop in the mixture of a portion of a view
the distant elevation of a faded wicked high
divination ask a question of a spirit for a thing you used to hide

p*ss the meat from which i stink of
p*ssed out serving on the side
from the meat i’m suffocatin
cutting from the bone to hide

a noose-knit put on sweater tie it up around the arm
looks to grip along the trigger down the barrel of a gun
*ssume today a game to play cardboard house in disarray
tremble little joker think dig it deep don’t be afraid…

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