galdr lyrics – hin onde

i broke off a branch of rowan-tree
and sensed the sign of an approaching gale
i drank the ukko’s chalice
and summoned the spirits of storm

at the crown of the mythic world
i raised my galdr
forceful rapids, the infinite sea
echoing between the hilltops

endless thirst for wisdom
for water of the fountain black
i shall carve silver from wood
on stormcircle, burning, flaming blue

a journey through a lifetime
on luckless lands of north
answers hidden by the winters veil
destiny’s driven, forgotten, forlorn

just tears of silver upon the water of deepest black
longing for a new spring
when the olden shant, shall in circles echo mighty once

”noskaat norosta myrskyn henget,
hiekasta hevosväkit,
miekkamiehet liettehestä…”
in the center of the sky

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