gales of tragedy lyrics – ecliptic sunset

if you allowed yourself to see what i feel…
and although you could see it, you would not have words
to describe it. and i will only say that
in my desolation you can see mee…
so only see the pain in my eyes:
so only hear my forlorn supplication
it is something that i take inside,
something that you can only feel
a silent word that you cannot hear.
a light of darkness that you cannot see.

it’s a single hate decaying p*ssionately…
anguish that dominates the oceans…
that pre-creates the chaos of the sotrm…
silently, in the mirror of death i let you observe
a blured reflection which you can feel but n*body sees
i see the sky and i get lost in him.
his flushed color is inflamed
setting on fire my eyes from inside,
condemning my vision… only keeping the feeling which,
who drives me to an enormous tree, fact until never not
i continure toward him, i observe to fall the ineffable
the hate clamors mercy, the wind breaks the brancher that
the grief of the uncertainty.

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