games we play lyrics – chubb rock

(chubb rock)
all attention to all of the, lyrical swigs
whether you studio switch or you’re, synching a gig
yes! i address to all the known known factors
where you slave to the rhythm of con-troling the masters
i. smythe, whether you drive a benz or a bike
whether you straight hit or you go strictly dyk*
d*ck van, no drugs i only snort dristan
and i point to the sister, and yes i can can
a, gangsta lean get funky like a latrine and
lyrics scream deep into the +roots+ like ben vereen
rockin, the apple, since the mayor were (? )
i smacked double platinum, or hit gold watch
i’ll achieve, notoriety just like (? )
squad squeeze, but they can mingle with the breeze
but hey, parlay – you don’t know my way
these are the games we play.

hey, hey, hey (hey hey)
these are the games we play
“i don’t know what else to say” -> biggie smalls


(chubb rock)
journalists script sh*t, that gets me kind of p*ssed
no real award given to the, funkiest hits and
lyrics get prolific and, kids start to sip it
esophagus start bulge, specific and centrific
get a dollar, if i sell more than the group abba
the source critics still want to diss my yabba, dabba-da-doo

the pulse that revived the crash crew
if i’m rockin, on the ra-a-adio eww
why they, can’t downgrade but if they try
i rock from brooklyn to that crooked-letter-i
i, my temper, i remember starts to boil
the (? ) but happy that the heads stayed loyal
the groove hits the ground from the maker of “get down”
peace love and all that sh*t plus five pound
buy hey, parlay – you don’t know my way
these are the games we play.


(chubb rock)
mo hits the beat then chubb handles the rappin
the un-thinkable flow is fly plus extra napkins
and the girls ‘pon flatbush look stush without my googles
and look as they squint then i blink push up the throttle
i, meet this to eat this i, leave this to beavis
if i wanna smoke ya spliff i might get, stiffer than p*n*s
oooh, i had to go and rip your whole crew
with freeze love ran land b*tt rub and blue ooh
dippi – dippi dip on you
with all my n*gg*z and squads and the, funkiest jew
ar-tistic lift it start the trend to the phonics
and, funk all pure lyrics that turn to alcoholics
ghetto tales, start to prevail the sh*t
whether you’re east west miami b*ss blood or crip
but hey, hey, you don’t know my way
these are the games we play.

(chorus) – 4x

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