gas chamber lyrics – c-bo

it’s time to drop the gas from the chamber
n*gg*s on awol rearrange your
face with the quickness
and it’s the garden block sickness that got a n*gg* in this sh*t
so you better watch your back
’cause c-bo got the strap
pulling the ski mask down
about to jack
’cause marks come up short
you better back back like an eight legged crawdad, from the 44
your’e scared to walk your alleys now
’cause now days, n*gg*s from my hood
will sn*tch your *ss out the f*cking crowd
and beat you down to the concrete
and then i p*ss on your *ss with some of that crazy
horse, of course
n*gg*s die
meet my 44
then it’s over ’cause your’e hit by the hardcore
we can’t be in the same gang
’cause the gang i’m in, ain’t down with that ying-yang
so raise up off the block
’cause you get no props, n*gg*, against 32 shots
come to my set, get chin checked
mark, by an original gangster vet
and then i put the niggity nuts in your mouth
your *ss was in, but now your *ss is out
quick, hurry, in a dash
get ready to feel the blast from the chamber punk
come take a whiff of the gas
check, ace, deuce, tre
so now it’s on
release slugs from my strap, until they gone
and talking sh*t won’t last
get your *ss blast
as i let the mac-10 tap that *ss
bo-loc is what they call me
for the reason
i stay strapped and smoke ducks all through the season

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