geek lyrics – evil mothers

my addictions are more bizarre by far than digging holes in my arms myweirdness goes beyond skin deep i’m a freak i’m a geek i bite the beak ibore a hole in my skull cap to let the bad spirits out but tainted meatshall always reek i’m a freak i’m a geek i bite the beak. they hose theblood out of my pit while you squirm tight i am waiting for the feathers andbone i’m the head chompin’ hero of the west white virgin white always showedthe best in the darkest light of the darkest pit jaws over neck snappingvampire quick. what you seek look underneath take out the freak you stillhave me i’m exposed your unkind i am you in someone else’s mind. with achampagne approach to the blood screaming secrets profusely bulge exposingexploding veins carc*ss carnival shrapnel f*ck god bless the maggots indeformities chapel two headed vows and six legged sleep twist the headsspinning weak stomach taxidermy i caringly tear the throats of choirboys intheir dreams of swimming siamese children in formaldihiding holy sh*t i’mslave to the pit and king of the biting. broken body doormat swinger thepeople are gone but the tast is still lingers i’m a performer but i’m not asinger i’ve got rotted teeth and chewed off fingers a charred extremityhuman oddity who justifies your normality the difference ‘tween you and mei’m mutilated enough to make money

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