get away lyrics – 2 pistols

everybody i know around my way still der wat*ting for a miracle to p*ss dem by, most of dem are known drug dealers i know them well,thats the only way i know to survive, cuz its the way to get by, if i had a choice aside this life god knows ill try to get away

from the project porch with p*ss on it, to the drop top porsche im getting money ya of course im p*ssin off my old homies, sh*tting on my old b*tch,they think i owe em something, i aint givin em nothin pay em no mind, where da f*ck was you when i was locked up, n*gg* never mind i bounced back, quarter ounce,couple stacks where the whip at, i stood on my own two, hundrer carrat around my neck got me acting brand new, who is you, f*ck you pay me, blood money union 2 pistols hate me please,

they say the top feel so much better than the bottom, to tell the truth n*gg* mo money mo problems like big say im quoting that,i hate to hear that n*gg* say i dimished rap still in the trap ringtone money went and bought a gang of crack tell them n*gg*s that im back we about to pump from corner to corner blood money union 2 pistols the owner murk city what it is still got it for the lo even tho i got songs with my n*gg* lo cheap cheap prices on the elbow 4 and a half quarter keys n*gg* come grab

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