get down lyrics – cam’ron

uh huh, killa, they never said we couldn’t get down
it’s like i’m psychic and sh*t
i called this sh*t about 5 years ago
dipset all day everyday man
santana, jim jones, freeky be home 07, (uh), let’s go

remember, i’m a man of respect, remember,
remember, santana was next,
now it’s not teks, it’s checks, and vans he collects,
i want his wrist, fist, whole hand, jammed with baguettes

pose for the camera man, me and santana man,
word to my grandma, he one bad mamajamma, d*mn,
so i don’t write for the stardom,
i get, booted, zooted, write down my problems

i been through it headed right for the bottle,
dc, nah, would’a been a sniper in harlem,
that’s why i throw some dough, to my cody from kostovo,
help me get on overflow, no one supposed to know,

but she lay me up, like the priminister,
thousand grams of dope, smellin’ like hine vinegar,
that was a lot to linger, but to the top i bring her,
when it came to dope, i always copped in fingers,

money missin’, oh sh*t, i almost chopped some fingers,
slit some wrists, that’s when they said ‘oh sh*t, he’s not a singer’,
f*ck the rap, f*ck the movies, f*ck siskel and ebert,
this pistol, i squeeze it, missles if needed, killa,

remember, i’ma spend my cake,
remember, jim, we gettin’ outta 5h,
now, chefs a’ fry us steaks, it’s a higher stake
swiss accounts, i’ma show you how to wire cake,

and we from bbo, now you a ceo,
direct the veo, your own alb*m, here we go,
that’s my man, anytime i holla, holla wit’ me,
we shared chicken sandwiches, they was a dollar fifty,

budget 7 dollars, nickel bag and white owl,
i hope the chicken sandwich last us through the night child,
we ain’t care, we ain’t sleep, we was night owls,
insomniatics, our lifestyles compatible,

magical, pop’s gone, sh*t’s tragical,
mum’s omission, my house is where the addicts chill,
i’m like the teacher, i need me a sabbatical,
it’s not irrational, i grew up radical,

and you all are shook,
i bought all my crooks,
f*ck you r’n’b n*gg*s,
zeek sing all the hooks,

t*to and bray,
yes yes, come again,
they came sun or rain,
when i had that stomach pain,


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