get the doe feat rocko lyrics – gucci mane

[featuring: rocko]

[verse 1: gucci mane]
it’s iced out shawty
your b*tch wanna f*ck with me, i don’t doubt it
gucci mane show man, the club so crowded
got a mean watch on me, cost a cool 140
i’m the center of attention, watch these hoes stand round me
i took a picture with your b*tch, i don’t know why you allowed it
we check the strong pack in, yeah my kush is the loudest
and my name ring bells, different countries and counties
they had a bounty on my chain, how the f*ck they found it
i blow so much purp that i can’t stay grounded
6’s on my skraight 8 jeep, yea it’s mounted
a n*gg* say he jack me, how the f*ck that sounded

[hook: gucci mane]
200 cash, that’s on the floor
i got 100 bands going out the door
b*tch kiss my *ss, f*ck them foes
i’m hustling hard baby, gotta get the doe
200 cash, layin’ on the floor
i got 100 bands going out the door
kiss my *ss, b*tch f*ck them foes
i’m hustling hard b*tch, i gotta get the doe

[verse 2: gucci mane]
i’m hustling hard, b*tch i gotta get the doe
i’m coca cola sellin’ soda, whippin’ it in the bowl
i’m flippin’, i’m flippin’, i’m flippin’, i’m flippin’, i’m sh*ttin’ like on the commode
i’m sackin’, i’m freezin’, i’m flippin’ that cola, you n*gg*s be sellin’ your soul
this here sh*t is gettin’ crazy, n*gg*s are gettin’ bold
if n*gg*s will tell on they mama, they hit the fan, they act like hoes
i’m goin’ my loop with steel-toed boots, so n*gg*s can’t step on my toes
i’m c*ckin’ my pistol and smoking these swishers, i’m bout to lose control
i’m workin that show like i’m flippin that dope, my pockets are super swole
ride through the trap and i got that scr*p, don’t know who’s friend or foe
these n*gg*s’ll blow your head, i’ll just pour a ounce of blow
and since you ran off with a brick then watch this stick blow off your nose


[verse 3: rocko]
soon as i enter, p*ssy n*gg*s exit
ball like the arena, go home with all that flexin’
real street n*gg*s in your area, we ain’t goin’ for it, we dare ya
f’in glock carrier, we gon’ bury ya
all the b*tches hysterical, they know how i kick it
sat watchin’ *ss n*gg*, you ain’t come to spend it, why the f*ck you here
poor hustlin’ *ss n*gg*, 100 bands in my ear
on the left and right pocket, 50 bands in my rear
born champion, gladiator, conquered all my fields
been alive for 30 years, i been getting money for 20 year
i’m with gucci, that my brother from another mother
brothers of the same struggle, still in the trap house, we so gutter


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